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My Review Of Network Crusader

Who Is This Guy?

So recently, word started getting around about Network Crusader, another dashboard created by Gregory Ortiz. For those who don’t know, Gregory is a coach, partner or something with Source Wave (Alex Becker). He has been named by OMG Machines as one of their top income reports (screenshot showing him making $70k+/month) and has been heavily endorsed by the so-called gurus.

While this is nice and fancy, it still doesn’t answer the big question; whether or not this software is good.

There are promises, as usual, as to it being one of the tools in your SEO arsenal that are a must. But c’mon, we are all in the online marketing space. We understand when we’re being sold to and know that in this industry, these types of promises never get fulfilled.

For This Reason… I had to clear the air!

I am a self-proclaimed online troll. I fuck around with people on forums and ALWAYS refuse to believe what we’re being sold and lied to. As I’m sure everyone has done when they first started in SEO, I signed up to all of these mailing lists from people claiming to be gurus, only to receive an email every week trying to get sold on the latest shiny object.

I was over it and started running with the undergrounds. The deep forums of people talking about the crazy secrets. The stuff that will get most people penalized if they have no idea what they’re doing.

But even being as secretive as we were, there still was some truth as to the common techniques that were working in the SEO industry. And, to add as to the reason why I prefer to remain anonymous on this website, my friends will be so saddened to hear that I’ve been using PBN’s.

But Who Cares!

My business is my business and I will openly admit that I took a look into Network Crusader, which led me to write this review. At the time of this writing, I believe it is still in Beta and was told that more features are coming out.

Network Crusader - Dashboard
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The biggest claim that caught my attention was the “no footprints”. This, to me, is a big selling point if it were actually true. In Gregory’s beta video, he mentioned that the dashboard uses XML-RPC. if you don’t know what that is, click here. I found this quite interesting as it was a smart way of going about the network management.

Most software that are/were similar to Network Crusader mostly required the use of a plugin to install on your WordPress website. XML-RPC is a transport protocol that won’t leave a footprint on your website.

Bonus Points To Their Development Team!

Member Networks in Network Crusader
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Next, the idea Network Crusader creates a community where large network owners could sell links for extra cash is genius. I don’t personally sell or buy off of other people’s networks but I know there’s tons of people who want to make extra cash, so why not!

The network will obviously grow as more people sign up for Network Crusader but it’s pretty cool as you could join networks that are themed towards different niches & industries. As you can see in the screenshot, it only take 3 PBN’s to join a themed network.

What Else Can It Do?

The dashboard has a bunch of other stuff, like being able to post to your PBN’s from within, without having to log into each PBN manually. Other cool stuff is an article writing service, remote installation of WordPress & plugins and my favorite, the ability to track which PBN’s linked to which money sites.

I hate keeping track of which sites link to what and the dashboard took care of it all.

As you can, the dashboard is pretty damn impressive. It’s neat, clean and not overloaded with a bunch of useless features. I have been using about 90% of the features in Network Crusader and so far, everything has been running smoothly.

It’s funny, because as I’m writing this review of Network Crusader, I’m actually smiling with the thought, “could it be that there’s actually a software that could do what we want and not screw us over?”. Well, that’s a hard promise but Network Crusader comes the closest I’ve seen.

Want A Free Bonus?

I’m considering joining the Member Networks to make some extra money but it will only work effectively if the community grows. For this reason, I’m giving away¬†FREE PBN’s 😀. The PBN’s will come from an advanced scraper and all you have to do is go to a registrar and register them for $10. Again, who doesn’t love Free/$10 PBN’s without any work.

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